Touching Lives One Patient At A Time

About Us

Divine Touch suite of services was designed with one objective in mind: Touching Lives one patient at a time. We have spent more than a decade in the field, practicing and learning what works and what doesn't. Today, we are proud to offer a variety of solutions to all Health Service.

Our Mission

We give 'peace of mind' to our clients by providing the highest quality healthcare staffing solutions to families and businesses. Our values empower us to provide compassionate care and service. Any tme. Any Place.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the world's premier provider of healthcare staffing solutions in your community. From family to your family, from our business to yours, we will be there. Any time. Any Place. We do not believe in the quantity, but rather in the quality.

Our Values

  • Always Customer Focused
    We treat everyone as a customer. Delighting internal and external customers is an expectation of all Associates and Affiliates of the company.
  • Respectful and Honorable
    We treat everyone with respect and do business in an honorable manner, at the same time encouraging open discussion, challenging the status quo, and constructive conflict resolution.
  • Compassionate and Compliant
    We provide compassionate care that is compliant with both the letter and the spirit of the rules and regulations that govern our businesses. We have compassion and respect for others in all of our interactions.

We know our single best asset is our diverse people, and we will invest in their development, reward strong performance and make Divine Touch a great place to come to work. Teamwork matters.

  • Action Oriented and Urgent
    We have a clear sense of urgency and we inspire everyone who touches our business with our focus and energy. Complacency has no place here.
  • Integrity
    We build our relationships on trust anchored by honesty and fairness.
  • Accountable and Committed
    We are responsible for our actions and accountable for what we say we will do, when we say we will do it.
  • Innovative
    We are creative and strive to provide unique services that will distinguish us from our competitors, as well as innovative approaches to processes, efficiency, and continuous improvement.
  • Teamwork
    We are committed to creatively solving problems through teamwork and perseverance.