Touching Lives One Patient At A Time

Rehab Specialist

Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.

Our Requirements

  • Valid Drivers License
  • Valid State Board License
  • Current CPR Card
  • CurrentFinger Print Clearance card
  • 1 year or current TB test
  • 1 year experience
  • Reliable mode of transportation

Current Openings

  • Medical Social Worker: The Medical Social Worker is responsible for the assessment and planning with patients and their families regarding personal, social, emotional and practical problems, to enable patient/family to obtain maximum benefits from the healthcare system. The Medical Social Worker interacts with various members of the multidisciplinary team regarding the impact of these factors on the patient's illness. Medical Social Workers seek to strengthen relationships among people in a purposeful effort to promote, restore, maintain and enhance the well being of the individuals and families that we serve.

Essential Job Functions

  • Collect and interpret data from the multidisciplinary team, the patient and the family.
  • Identify appropriate patients and significant others in need of services through the use of zone rounds, physician, nursing, and other referrals.
  • Conduct a thorough, individualized assessment.
  • Evaluate and assess biopsychosoical/financial needs of the patient and/or significant other.
  • Develop a Plan of Care from assessments including discharge plans, resources and referrals for the patient/family.
  • Clearly present options to patient/family and involved caretakers.
  • Determine limits relating to patient's cognitive level and care venue options.
  • Utilize knowledge of reimbursement and resources in developing a Plan of Care.
  • Understand financial qualifications for specific care venues and limit relating to financial considerations.
  • Contact patient's insurance company if necessary to obtain any information related to care.
  • Facilitate POA-HC and initiate guardianship process as needed.
  • Discuss the patient's status as it relates to the discharge plan and with other members of the Interdisciplinary Healthcare Team.
  • Facilitate communication between patients/families and the Interdisciplinary Team.
  • Develop a discharge plan that identifies immediate and long-term goals of discharge planning.
  • Collaborate with healthcare team in regard to discharge planning.
  • Select and recommend appropriate discharge plan.
  • Identify, analyze, and assist in problem-solving and report to Supervisor any concerns that affect the discharge planning process.
  • Clarify information on all appropriate discharge planning options to the patient and/or significant others, including information on home health care, day care, meals on wheels, Lifeline, specialized transportation, financial programs, community based residential facilities, community educational support groups, nursing home placement process.
  • Routinely reassess patient's status and adjust the discharge planning process.
  • Provide counseling to individual or family members.
  • Provide brief individual and or family biopsychocosial and financial counseling to patients and significant others as needed, referring to appropriate resources.
  • provide crisis intervention and illness adjustment counseling.
  • Maintain current knowledge of community, county, state and federal resources which relate to biopsychocial, emotional and financial counseling. Assist in the timely investigation of abuse or neglect with the appropriate county and/or police investigative worker. Serve as a resource to the Interdisciplinary Healthcare Team in complex patient situations including guardianship cases, adoption cases, POA-HC cases, etc. Participates in the orientation, training and evaluation of new employees and/or students where applicable.
  • Demonstrates a visible working style, acts in a manner that is consistent with and shows commitment to the WFH Values

Desired Specialties

Geriatrics, organ transplants, pediatrics or obstetrics.

Necessary skills

  • Maturity
  • Self-confidence
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Clear understanding of the values, ethics, knowledge and skills of a helping professional
  • Ability to work in isolation and make independent judgments
  • Understanding of the value of team work
  • Acceptance and appreciation of individual differences and contributions

Educational Requirements

  • Master's degree in Social Work
  • State of Arizona License/Certification
  • Physical Therapist: Physical therapists help patients suffering from injury or disease to restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain, and prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities. In addition, they promote patients' overall fitness and health. Physical therapists work with health-care teams that include physicians, occupational therapists, and psychologists. They are employed by hospitals, nursing homes, or rehabilitation centers. Physical therapists test each patient and design individual programs of treatment. They may use massage to improve muscle condition; apply ice to reduce swelling or heat to relieve pain; and utilize therapeutic equipment, such as whirlpool baths, ultrasonic machines, and ultraviolet and infrared lamps. They teach patients how to do exercises with such equipment as pulleys and weights, stationary bicycles, and parallel bars. They also teach patients and their families how to use and care for wheelchairs, braces, canes and crutches, and artificial limbs.

Essential Job Functions

  • Meeting with physicians and treatment teams to understand overall goals for the patient with regards to physical mobility.
  • Consulting with patients and performing initial assessments as to the patient's current level of functioning and expectations for the future.
  • Developing plans for patients that will help increase mobility and easy of movement.
  • Assisting patients to learn to use various tools such as walkers, prosthetics, wheelchairs or leg braces.
  • Using hot and cold temperature treatments, electric stimulation, massage therapy and other treatments to help patients.
  • Completing all required documents and files regarding patient treatment and therapies.
  • Keeping the treatment team and other medical professionals informed of patient progress.

Job Qualifications

  • Bachelors Degree with a PT Certification or Advanced Degree/ Masters from an accredited PT Program
  • Any Active State License
  • 1 Year Experience
  • BLS.
  • Occupational Therapist: Provides medically prescribed occupational therapy services to inpatients and outpatients to restore function, prevent disability following injury or disease, and assist the patient in reaching his/her maximum capabilities while learning to live within the limits of their disability.

Essential Job Functions

  • Complete and maintain necessary records.
  • Evaluate patients' progress and prepare reports that detail progress.
  • Test and evaluate patients' physical and mental abilities and analyze medical data to determine realistic rehabilitation goals for patients.
  • Select activities that will help individuals learn work and life-management skills within limits of their mental and physical capabilities.
  • Plan, organize, and conduct occupational therapy programs in hospital, institutional, or community settings to help rehabilitate those impaired because of illness, injury or psychological or developmental problems.
  • Recommend changes in patients' work or living environments, consistent with their needs and capabilities.
  • Consult with rehabilitation team to select activity programs and coordinate occupational therapy with other therapeutic activities.
  • Help clients improve decision making, abstract reasoning, memory, sequencing, coordination and perceptual skills, using computer programs.
  • Develop and participate in health promotion programs, group activities, or discussions to promote client health, facilitate social adjustment, alleviate stress, and prevent physical or mental disability.
  • Provide training and supervision in therapy techniques and objectives for students and nurses and other medical staff.
  • Design and create, or requisition, special supplies and equipment, such as splints, braces and computer-aided adaptive equipment.
  • Plan and implement programs and social activities to help patients learn work and school skills and adjust to handicaps.
  • Lay out materials such as puzzles, scissors and eating utensils for use in therapy, and clean and repair these tools after therapy sessions.
  • Advise on health risks in the workplace and on health-related transition to retirement.
  • Conduct research in occupational therapy.
  • Provide patients with assistance in locating and holding jobs.

Educational and Experience Requirements

  • Bachelor of Science or Master's degree in Occupational Therapy from an accredited institution, with successful completion of two supervised clinical internships with a combined duration of at least six months.
  • Two or more years experience with occupational therapy preferred.
  • Must have passed or be eligible to take the American Occupational Therapy Certification Examination.
  • Must possess permanent (or temporary) Occupational Therapist license from the State of Arizona.
  • Ability to effectively communicate with patients, family members, and other hospital personnel.